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Naturali UV Moisture Series

Introduction of new product - Naturali 1day UV Moisture

"Natural" + "I" = "Naturali". Natuarli aims to reveal one's
charming aspect by enhancing the natural beauty of everyone's eyes.

"Tina Tamashiro, natural yet perfect eyes"

We remain the same concept for Naturali's new series - 
"Naturali 1day UV Moisture", "to produce the most natural-looking color contacts
that almost nobody will notice". Not only we keep our signature design concept,
but we are also very proud to introduce new features in Naturali
 1day UV Moisture:
UV-ray blocking and moisturizing features that will make sure to
keep your eyes feeling comfortable for the whole day!

Naturali 1day UV Moisture

1day UV Moisture Features


About Image Model - Tina Tamashiro

The image model of our new series Tina Tamashiro is an exclusive model of a popular Japanese fashion magazine "ViVi". She was known by the immense popularity among millennials on social media - with almost 1 million followers on Instagram!

Tina Tamashiro not only is famous for her charming appearance and her modeling work, but she is also widely known for her acting skills by the audience as an actress in recent years. 

Tina Tamashiro's CM

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