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NEW! Naturali 1-month - Misty Brown 1pc (14.5mm)

Misty Brown is the most natural contact lens ever at Naturali.
"W" Softened Outer Ring design - The color density and the space between pigmentation are wider on both outer and inner ring of the contact lens, which softens the look and enhances your eyes' natural beauty. This design gives you the most natural wearing that fits into your eyes perfectly.



Prescription: From
0.00 to -9.00
(-0.50 to -6.00: -0.25 progression, -6.00 to -9.00: -0.50 progression) 
14.5 mm
Coloured D.I.A:
13.8 mm
Water Content:
8.7 mm
Central Thickness:
0.08 mm 
Medical Device License:
22400BZX00327A13 (Japan) 
Naturali Co., Ltd. 
Sincere Co., Ltd.


All Naturali products are thoroughly inspected and compliant with Japan's national safety standards.

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