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TSK - B1 Pulse Oximeter/ TSK - B1 パルスオキシメーター

Pulse Oximeter - Product Description
パルスオキシメーター - 商品仕様

■ Display Type: OLED Display
■ 表示画面: OLED

■ SpO2:Measurement range: 70~100%
    Accuracy: ±2% on the stage of 80% ~ 99%;
                  ±3% on the stage of 70 ~ 79%;
■ 血中酸素測定範囲: 70~100%
血中酸素測定精度: 80% ~ 99% (±2%)
70 ~ 79% (±3%)

■ PR:30~240BPM
    Accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1% (the larger one)
■ 脈動測定範囲: 30~240BPM
脈動測定精度: ±1BPM or ±1%

■ Power:two AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
■ Power consumption: below 30mA
■ 電池: AAA 1.5電池*2
■ 消費電力: <30mA

■ Automatic power-off: The product power off by itself when no finger is in the product for more than 8 seconds.
■ Operation Environment: Temperature 5C ~40C, Humidity 15% ~ 18%
    Atmospheric pressure: 70kPA ~ 106kPa
■ 無操作8秒後に電源が自動的にオフになる
■ 適切動作環境: 温度 5C~40C, 湿度 15%~18%
気圧 70kPA ~ 106kPa

About Safety

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About Color Contact Lenses

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About Usage

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Shipping Options (in HKD)

+ Hong Kong - HKP Smart Post
+ China - E-express Service
+ International - E-express Service for majority of cities

About Delivery

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