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Looking for a White Day Present? Preparing for White Day? Let Naturali be part of it!

March 11, 2016

It’s the White Day next Monday!

Do you know the origin of the White Day? In Japan, Valentines Day is a day for girls to give out chocolates to boyfriend (本命チョコ) and to male friends (義理チョコ). From 1978, March 14 has been set as the White Day, which was established for the boys to give gifts back to girls. Nowadays, boys not only just give chocolates or sweets as presents, accessories, and even color contact lens are becoming more and more popular choices!

If you are preparing for the White Day present, besides chocolate and sweets, take Naturali into consideration as well! Fair priced, useful and cute, it’s the best choice to light up your girlfriends’ eyes.

If you are preparing for the date on White Day, use Naturali to give our makeup a more natural look and comfortable touch!