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Brand Concept 

Natural + I = Naturali. Natuarli aims to reveal the charming aspect in every person by enhancing the eyes' natural beauty. With a variety of 16 colors, Naturali's colored contact lens is widely praised for its comfort and subtle beauty by users, key influencers, celebrities, and models in Japan.


Emi Suzuki  (Official Model of Naturali 1day) 

Official Model - Suzuki Emi

Official brand ambassador of NATURALI - Emi Suzuki is a well known Japanese model who has been a leading icon in Japanese fashion since her debut in 2005 at popular fashion magazine “Seventeen”. Her image and fashion sense continues to influence a wide range of audience from high school girls, models, and celebrities.


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Media Coverage 

NATURALI makes regular media appearance in the special columns of major renowned beauty and cosmetics magazines such as ViVi, Chokichoki girls, Bea's UP and most recently, Happie nuts.


2015 Dec NUTS


2015 May ViVi

2015 April UP