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Wear & Care

About Safety

Q. Is NATURALI safe?
A. NATURALI has passed the strict examinations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and has been certified with the Japanese safety standards, including ISO13485 and CE0434. The environmental and sanitary control is also comprehensive. In addition, our products are made by the experienced medical contact lenses factories, so they have a high safety level and quality. 
Q. Will it cause any illnesses to the eyes? And what kinds of possible diseases are there?
A.  If you use the contact lens correctly, there should be no possible illnesses. If there are any serious foreign body symptoms, red eyes, or any other unusual symptoms, and still continue to wear it, there may be risks of dangerous diseases such as corneal ulcer or blindness.
Q. Is it necessary to have periodic ophthalmic examinations?
A. Colored contact lens is a "Highly Controlled Medical Devices", which will directly touch the eyes thus is a very delicate product. If not used properly, it may cause serious disorders such as scratches to the eyes. In addition, in the case of soft contact lens, it is possible to you to have illness of eyes without feeling any symptoms. We recommend you to do the ophthalmic examinations every three months.
Q. Is a prescription required to buy NATRUALI?
A. Contact lens are something that have direct contact with your eyes, thus there are people who are not suitable for wearing it. Also, if used improperly, it may lead to serious illnesses; thus we suggest you to consult the doctors before using it.
Q. What should I do if I feel uncomfortable wearing it?
A. Please stop using the contact lens right away and consult the doctor. Please follow the doctor's instruction for the usage afterwards.

About Color Contact Lenses

Q. What is DIA?
A. DIA is the diameter of the contact lens. NATURALI's diameter for one-month disposal contact lens is 14mm and 14.2 mm for the one-day disposal ones.
Q. What is Color Diameter?
A. It refers to the diameter of the portion of contact lens with colors. The color diameter of NATURALI for one-month disposal is 13.4mm and 13.5mm for the one-day disposal ones.
Q. What is the moisture content?
A. Contact lens is a soft lens containing water. Moisture content indicates the percentage of water inside the lens. The moisture content of NATURALI is 38%.
Q. What is "Base Curve"?
A. Base Curve is a numerical measure of the magnitude of the curve of a contact lens. If the curve of your eyes does not fit the curve of the contact lens, you may feel uncomfortable when wearing it, and the lens may shift or drop immediately. Please make sure you use the lens with the right base curve. The base curve of the one-month disposal contact lens is 8.6 and 8.7 for the one-day disposal ones.

About Usage

Q. How long can I use NATURALI?
A. We have one-month disposal and daily disposals contact lens for you to choose from. For the one-month disposal ones, please replace it after one month from the day you opened it. In addition, due to neglect of care, it may become unusable when there is dirt accumulated in the lens.
Q. Is the dye used at the colored portion of the lens bad for the eyes?
A. NATURALI designed its lens so that the dyes do not touch the eyes directly.
Q. Should I put the lens on before or after I wear the makeup?
A. Please put on the lens before you wear your makeup. If you put the lens on after the makeup, the makeup may adhere to the lens, causing blurry or deteriorated.
Q. Q. Can I go to bed when wearing the lens?
A. Please make sure you remove the lens before going to bed.