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Colored Contacts featured by Emi Suzuki, Tina Tamashiro

Shoko Nakagawa also uses Naturali!

It's not surprising that Naturali has avid fans in the entertainment industry. You certainly won't be surprised when I say Shoko Nakagawa A.K.A shoko-tan is one of them. A famous show host, actress, singer, voice actress, blogger, manga artist and writer. Over the years Shoko-tan has amassed a considerable fan base in a variety of fields. You wouldn't expect an active member of the entertainment and ACG industry and a cute girl like Shoko-tan to not use colour contact lens, would you? Read her tweet about her thoughts on Naturali. Disclaimer: Its in Japanese and she looks really cute in it.

A little fun fact on the side, she also collaborated with our official model Emi Suzuki in TV shows!


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