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Naturali's Official User- Sano Hinako (佐野ひなこ)

February 29, 2016

Are you following the popular Japanese Drama Damena watashi ni koishite kudasai(ダメな私に恋してください)? Have you noticed Kadoma Yuki, a colleague and also a friend of the leading actress Michiko? Yuki, with a strong sense of justice, has become an important friend of Michiko, and is without any doubt one of the most important roles in the drama.

The actress who played Yuki’s role, Sano Hinako, is actually a fan and an official user of Naturali as well! Debuted as a model, she was elected as the Beauty Muse of a leading Japanese fashion magazine ViVi, and has reached out to the field of TV dramas, regarded as a rising star in Japan.

As a Beauty Muse of Vivi, she is especially famous for being fashionable and she actually has shared Naturali on her personal Twitter as well! "Naturali is the first colored contact lens to impress me with the natural look and how it makes my eyes look bigger. I'm in love with it!" Hinako has expressed how she likes Naturali with its comfortable touch and the natural look. Let’s take a look at how she dresses her eyes with Naturali here in her Twitter

Stay tuned to us to share with you how other Japanese models or celebrities use and like Naturali!