Colored Contacts featured by Emi Suzuki, Tina Tamashiro
Enhancing your natural beauty, Naturali color contacts
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NEW! Naturali 1-Day High Water Content (55%) on sale!

New series available for pre-order + Buy 1 get 1 free!


Naturali's new series - “Naturali 1day UV Moisture” is available for pre-order NOW! We invited famous Japanese model of <ViVi> magazine Tina Tamashiro to be our image model this time!

Comfortable wearing for a full day (W Moisture ingredients + "UV-cut"), with 4 colors and 2 DIAs to choose from (1 DIA for Clear and starts from -0.50).  Pre-order 1 box of Naturali 1day UV Moist or Clear from now until Jan 31st, and you will receive one more box for FREE*! (All pre-orders will be shipped in early February, 2017) Don't miss it! 

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