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Naturali 1day UV Moisture Trial Set - 4 colors

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Naturali 1day UV Moisture Trial Set is back!4 colors include:

Charming Brown

Charming Hazel

Sweet Feminine Brown

Sweet Choco

"Naturali 1 day UV Moist" is comfortable wearing for a whole day (Double Moisture ingredients + "UV-cut"),with 4 colors and 2 DIAs to choose from! From 0.00 degrees to -10.00 degrees, give your eyes a try of ournew series today!


What is the difference between "Naturali 1day" and "Naturali 1day UV Moisture"?


1. 2 (W) Moisturizing Ingredients &"UV-cut"


2. Two DIA options for any occasion!


Naturali 1day UV Moisture 4-color Trail Set (one color for each box x 10pcs/box)

Prescription: From 0.00 ~ -10.00
(-0.50 to -6.00: -0.25 progression, -6.00 to -10.00: -0.50 progression)
D.I.A: 14.0 mm / 14.5 mm
Colored D.I.A: 13.5 mm / 13.8 mm
Water Content: 38.0%
B.C: 8.7 mm
Central Thickness: 0.08 mm(at -3.00D)
Additional Features: > UV-A80% and > UV-B95% Blocking, W Moisture
Packaging: 4 boxes x 10pcs/box
Brand: Naturali Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer: Sincere Co., Ltd.
Medical Device License (PDMA): 22800BZX00253A01 (Japan)


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About Safety

Q. Is NATURALI safe?
A. NATURALI has passed ISO13485, CE0434; the environmental and sanitary control is also comprehensive.
Q. Will it cause any illness to the eyes? And what kinds of possible disease are there?
A.  If you use the contact lens correctly, there should be no possible illnesses. If there is any serious foreign body symptoms, red eyes, or any other unusual symptoms, and still continue to wear it, there may be risks of dangerous diseases such as corneal ulcer or blindness.
Q. Is it necessary to have periodic ophthalmic examinations?
A. Colored contact lens is a "Highly Controlled Medical Devices", which will directly touch the eyes thus is a very delicate product. If not used properly, it may cause serious disorders such as scratches to the eyes. In addition, in the case of soft contact lens, it is possible to you to have illness of eyes without feeling any symptoms. We recommend you to do the ophthalmic examinations every three months.
Q. Is a prescription required to buy NATRUALI?
A. Contact lens is something that has direct contact with your eyes, thus there are people who are not suitable for wearing it. Also, if not used properly, it may lead to serious illness; thus we suggest you consult doctors before you use it.
Q.What should I do if I feel uncomfortable wearing it?
A. Please stop using the contact lens right away and consult the doctor. Please follow the doctor's instruction for the usage afterwards.

About Color Contact Lenses

Q. What is DIA?
A. DIA is the diameter of the contact lens. NATURALI's diameter for one-month disposal contact lens is 14mm and 14.2 mm for the one-day disposal ones.
Q. What is Color Diameter?
A. It refers to the diameter of the portion of contact lens with colors. The color diameter of NATURALI for one-month disposal is 13.4mm and 13.5mm for the one-day disposal ones.
Q. What is the moisture content?
A. Contact lens is a soft lens containing water. Moisture content indicates the percentage of water inside the lens. The moisture content of NATURALI is 38%.
Q. What is "Base Curve"?
A. Base Curve is a numerical measure of the magnitude of the curve of a contact lens. If the curve of your eyes does not fit the curve of the contact lens, you may feel uncomfortable when wearing it, and the lens may shift or drop immediately. Please make sure you use the lens with the right base curve. The base curve of the one-month disposal contact lens is 8.6 and 8.7 for the one-day disposal ones.

About Usage

Q. How long can I use NATURALI?
A. We have one-month disposal and daily disposals contact lens for you to choose from. For the one-month disposal ones, please replace it after one month from the day you opened it. In addition, due to neglect of care, it may become unusable when there is dirt accumulated in the lens.
Q. Is the dye used at the colored portion of the lens bad for the eyes?
A. NATURALI designed its lens so that the dyes do not touch the eyes directly.
Q. Should I put the lens on before or after I wear the makeup?
A. If you put the lens on after the makeup, the makeup may adhere to the lens, causing it to be blurry or deteriorated. Thus, please put on the lens before you wear your makeup.
Q. Q. Can I go to bed when wearing the lens?
A. Please make sure you remove the lens before going to bed. 

Shipping Options (in HKD)

Hong Kong - HKP Smart Post
China - E-express Service
Zone code Circulation areas Estimated delivery time
1 Guangdong  1-2 days
2 Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Hainan, sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan 3-5 days
3 Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Sanxi, Sandong,Shianxi 4-6 days
4 Inner Mongolia, Ganshu, Qinghai Ningxia 7-10 days
5 Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Tibet, Xinjiang 7-10 days
International - E-express Service for majority of cities
ASIA except Hong Kong and China Canada United States EU Zone 1(Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom) EU Zone 2 (Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia)  EU Zone 3 (Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden) EU Zone 4 (Croatia, Finland) EU Zone 5 (Greece) Rest of Europe Oceania Latin America Others
E-Express 40 60 40 50 97.5 97.5 97.5 102.4
Hong Kong Speed Post 120 210 195 NA 220 200 200 200
RPX E parcel 84 89 95 138 150

About Delivery

Q. How can I choose the delivery method?
A. For your best convenience, we are using the following services for the delivery to different destinations:



Hong Kong

Hong Kong post


E-Express by China post

EU Countries

RPX e parcel (postal clearance)


Hong Kong post EMS services

Q. How are the shipping fees calculated?
A. All the shipping fees will be calculated according to the rate table of the above stated services.
Q. What does the special handling fee mean for the shipments to China?
A. According to the Chinese regulation, all the parcels with the value above 800 RMB should be considered as the commercial parcels. The commercial parcels have to go through the commercial clearance which will require longer time to check and more complicated procedures and thereby generating higher custom duty. Please kindly note that it is the consignee’s responsibility to clear all the custom and we are not allowed to change the value of each parcel or mis-invoicing according to the Chinese law.
To help our customers avoid being regarded as the commercial parcel, we are now offering the special service to split and separate the parcels into smaller ones to make sure the value per parcel is under 800 RMB. The relevant service fee, which will be calculated accurately based on the warehousing fee and the extra shipping fee, shall be borne by the recipients.
If the parcel is randomly selected by the custom to check, it will take more time for the custom clearance. For more details of the custom clearance, please kindly refer to the Chinese Custom website.
Q. How to change the delivery address when I input a wrong address by mistake?
A. the recipients will be charged for making any adjustments to the address. Please make sure that the delivery address is correctly input before you place your order.
Q. How long does it take to receive the item? (Please refer to the table)
A. You/Customers can check the delivery duration from your country or city according to our Table of delivery time


Shipping Time

Custom clearance Time

Total Time

Hong Kong

2~4 working days


2~4 working days


3~5 working days

3~5 working days

6~10 working days

US, Canada, Australia

4~5 working days

3~5 working days

7~10 working days

EU Countries

4~5 working days

3~5 working days

7~10 working days

Please note that the above table is general estimation and customs clearance can take longer in some cases.

Q. Do you provide the service to help follow up on my delivery status?
A. If the parcels are not delivered within the estimated time needed, please go to the tracking site and contact your local carrier for the latest information. If you have not received your parcel or any notice from the local carrier or post office after 14 days, please contact us at with both your order and tracking number.
Please kindly understand thatt sometimes will take 5~7 working days for us to get the information for you. If you require faster response, please contact the local carrier or the post office directly.
Q. How can I get the tracking number?
A.A delivery confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent to you within 2~3 working days after your order . If you meet any problems to find the tracking number, please contact us at
If you do not receive an email within 3 working days from the day you placed an order, please kindly contact us at